Fredrik's contribution to our project has been invaluable, yet I imagine I have only scratched the surface of what he is capable of. Fredrik is communicative, flexible and he always responded constructively. At first I had a very clear vision of what I wanted, but I soon realized that Fredrik’s diverse skills far surpassed my vision; the quality of Fredrik’s music is state of the art and the narrative in his compositions is exceptional.

Markus Oljemark, Lead Developer, Grassfoot Games


Fredrik is a great composer! He is attentive, passionate, and above all he isn't afraid to bring a distinct, cultured flair to his music. Working with Fredrik was a very positive experience that I hope to repeat in the future.

Guillaume Lavoie, Music Executive, Skywind

Fredrik makes great music and sounds, he works fast and is open to feedback. This makes him really comfortable to work with. When we worked together he gave me early versions of his work and many different variations, he listened to what I had to say and in the end I think we got a really nice product.

Alexander Karlsson, CEO, Deedly Games

The music Fredrik delivered was of very high quality and exactly what I wanted for my project. He instantly understood what I was going for.

Pablo Fernandez, Film Director

Fredrik has an amazing ability to capture the listener with his compositions. Every note is well afterthought and fits the piece perfectly. I will definitely ask for Fredrik's talent in the future.

Raoul Hamilton, Composer

Working with Fredrik was an absolute pleasure. His music is heartfelt and encouraged passion and emotion from my vocals. He was thorough in all of his working notes and ideas and kept me engaged every step of the way. A wonderful musical journey!

Jenna Holdway (Sharm), Singer



"Not only is Fredrik very competent and knowledgable, he also has a strong passion for his work. Combine a powerful ability for storytelling with a high level of emotional intelligence and you get Fredrik’s magic. The image might say more than a thousand words but his music can tell the audience far more."

Joakim Svensson, Writer & Director, New North Productions, Megapixel Group

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