Update June 2015

By June 10, 2015Uncategorized

As you’ve perhaps noticed there hasn’t been any new tracks for a couple of weeks even though I really planned on getting more regular on at least on my YouTube-channel.

However, I’ve not been sitting on my bottom doing nothing, I’m applying for jobs and letting companies in the game, film and commercial industries know that I exist. Wich actually is more than I have done before. So it takes a lot of time, making a proper CV, and calling and mailing a ton of eventual clients. But I believe it goes well 🙂

However I’ve started composing some again, my feeling is that I should keep it up even if it’s in a smaller scale for the moment. More stuff will come in the following weeks!

Now, one thing that I’ve also been doing is of course this web site! It has slowly evolved to what I now think is a fully functional web page.

Also I’m extremely happy to see that so many new people chose to follow me on YouTube as well as on Facebook! I’ll work harder to keep it interesting.