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January 2015

Skywind Soundtrack: High Fane

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I’ve finally started to upload Skywind tracks on YouTube! I’m also in the process of remastering some of them so be sure to listen to them when they get online even if you’ve come across any of them before. First off is the High Fane exterior track.

Both the artwork and the stunning outro video is created by Kyle Rebel. Give him a visit at his YouTube channel Rebelzize.

Have a good one, I’ll talk to you later.


Skywind – Official Development Video #3

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Since I’m setting up my new site I want to see if everything is working properly. But primarily, this is my first blog post ever so I just want to post something..

Now, a while back Squally posted the third development video for Skywind and that is indeed worth reposting. Among other things my recording session for Nerevar Rising is featured. Enjoy!